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Officers, Board Members & Committees

Click Here for the President's Letter describing in detail about various programs and activities AAPA has been involved in.

AAPA Board Officers:

Officer Name      Position

Liyan Zhao.         Co-President

Kristen Lyn.         Co-President

Rosa Kim.            Vice-President

Hung Wei.          Secretary

Kristen Lyn.         Treasurer

David Lee.          Communication Officer

Yi Ding.               Fundraising Chair

AAPA Board Members

Sue Chang, Shelly Cen, Hung Wei,  Rosa Kim, David Lee, Sharon Lee, Jeff Moe, Emma Fu, Yi Ding, Kristen Lyn, Liyan Zhao, Jerry Liu, Satheesh Madhathil, Julie Zhang, Tianji Jiang, Derek Lee, Emelline Liu

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